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Alessandro Marcantoni (born August 19th, 1982, Fermo, Italy) is a sound engineer, a MIDI programmer and a musician.
He worked in many gold and platinum albums, with recording, mixing and mastering sessions. He worked also in live tours as FoH mixer engineer.

Alessandro started playing several instruments since the childhood: piano, keyboards, guitar and bass, mostly by himself. He joined various indie rock bands, first in Fermo, then in Bologna and in Milan where he had moved in the next years.

He studied at the University of Bologna in the DAMS (Drama, Arts and Music Studies) course.
In the meanwhile here he began his career as a sound engineer for live concert, demo recording and theatre plays with the Mixer Music, a small local audio service.
In 2002 Alessandro moved in Milan, where he lives today, and graduated at the SAE Institute in the Sound Engineer course.

In 2003 he joined the Metropolis Studio in Milan, at first as the Studio Assistant, and after 6 months as Chief Sound Engineer. In the studio he worked for important projects in the Italian and International discography (i.e. Mika, Roberto Vecchioni, Marco Mengoni, Dolcenera), commercial ads (i.e. Ferrero, Barilla), movies and TV shows (i.e. X Factor Italy).
In 2005 Marcantoni became a freelance engineer, while keeping his role at the Metropolis Studios. He started following his studio projects in live tours with Italian and European venues as a front of house engineer.
In 2012 Alessandro is credited as a mastering engineer, introducing himself also in this part of production.
In 2015 Alessandro started occasional collaborations with the IULM University and SAE Institute in Milan with a masterclass focussed in the audio production.


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